54-Inch Tabletop Plant Light

54-Inch Tabletop Plant Light

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Grow seedlings and overwinter all your tender and tropical plants with this complete, efficient plant light system. This tabletop model uses full-spectrum light under an adjustable hood to give your plants just the right amount of light to help them grow their best!

Includes a stand and white cover for the light hood, making it easy to set up and move this lighting system anywhere in the house you need it. Wide-spectrum fluorescent lights distribute the reds and yellows of the spectrum more widely than simple fluorescents, maximizing the benefits to your plants. It's the closest thing to natural sunlight you can have indoors!

Simply plug the Tabletop Plant Light into a standard outlet and beginn growing. There is no easier nor more effective way to keep all your indoor plants growing their very best. 54 inches wide; 24 inches high; 22 inches deep. Four 40-watt plant light tubes (T12's).