Winter Gold Snakebark Maple

Winter Gold Snakebark Maple

Acer rufinerve Winter Gold

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We call it 'Winter Gold', but this Snakebark maple is truly a tree for all seasons! In spring and throughout summer this ornamental tree presents lively green foliage which creates a compelling picture against its vertically striped, pastel yellow bark. The arrival of Autumn bring even more intriguing colors as the leaves mellow into shades of amber, orange and gold. Finally, as winter strips its last leaves away, there is nothing left to hide its stunning 24 karat bark for which it earns its name. Simply brilliant!

'Winter Gold' thrives partial to full shade and we advise shielding it from harsh sunlight, particularly in summer. This tree is tolerant of drought and for best results, plant it in well-drained soil. Expect it to each heights between 15-20 ft or more in the right conditions.