Amber Jubilee® Ninebark

Amber Jubilee® Ninebark

Physocarpus opulifolius 'Jefam' 23,177

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The whole neighborhood will be royally impressed once they get a glimpse of this astonishingly colorful Ninebark in action. Its abundance of vivid foliage comes in a range of tones from Midas gold to warm amber and rich scarlet.

Spring brings another layer of beauty in the form of pristine white flowers that draw in droves of butterflies. The foliage changes color almost daily in spring, opening bronzy-gold and sporting shades of orange and even red before going green for summer. Then, in the cooler fall temperatures, it burnishes a handsome purple before dropping for winter.

Even when this shrub is leafless, it's beautiful. The name "Ninebark" comes from the peeling layers of bark revealed when the shrub is bare in winter. Expect layers of russet, chocolate, amber -- all shades and textures from this hardy native!

The offspring of proud parents Diablo and Dart's Gold Ninebark, this variety is treasured not only for its dashing good looks but also its excellent cold hardiness and drought tolerance. Historians and anglophiles will be thrilled to know that Amber Jubilee was grown to honor Queen Elizabeth II of England's Diamond Jubilee (hence the name).

Growing this lovely shrub is a labor of love - minus the labor part, that is. Just provide plenty of sunshine to dappled shade, keep it very moist the first few seasons as it finds its feet, and make sure the soil is well-drained. Amber Jubilee® will do the rest! Zones 2 to 7.