Amethyst Heather

Amethyst Heather

Calluna vulgaris 'Amethyst'

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The explosion of new Heather cultivars opens up so many possibilities for this super-easy, year-round-beautiful shrub! 'Amethyst' is one of the very finest, a compact, long-blooming, ultra-colorful selection from breeder Kurt Kramer. See if it complements your garden design!

The new foliage is gray-green, darkening to a deep shade of forest green. It emerges in spring on very well-branched plants just 12 to 16 inches high and not much wider. By midsummer the plant is covered with buds, which turn a rich shade of dark pink to magenta-lavender, swelling yet remaining closed. 'Amethyst' is what is called a "bud-bloomer," and its bright color is incredible at full strength. The flowers persist from late summer through the middle of winter in many climates, and make stunning cuts for the vase.

As beautiful as the blooms are, they are only one of this shrub's merits. Another is the fall foliage: when the weather turns colder, the leaves burnish bold shades of yellow, gold, and bronze, remaining this way through winter in most climates. 'Amethyst' is evergreen, making it a standout in the mid-winter garden surrounded by the grays and browns of sleeping shrubs!

Upright and naturally fairly symmetrical, 'Amethyst' charms in containers as well as the sunny border. It makes a great group planting, its blooms forming airy cloudpuffs of rosy-pink in the dull late winter/early fall season. There's always something new going on with this shrub, and all of it is lovely!

Give 'Amethyst' plenty of sunshine and excellent soil drainage. Like many heathers, it doesn't mind a bit of dry soil between waterings, but should be pampered the first few seaons to get its root system well established. Easy, ever-changing, and always beautiful, it is certain to be a showstopper in your garden! Zones 5-8.