Apache Rose Panicum Prairie Rose ®

'Apache Rose' Panicum Prairie Rose ®

Panicum virgatum Apache Rose

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Thick and resistant to wind, rain and other extreme weather elements, 'Apache Rose' provides colorful shelter for birds during the coldest days of winter! Tough enough to stand up to all but the heaviest snow and ice, this Red Switch Grass is as versatile as it is durable.

Perhaps most important, 'Apache Rose' contributes to the beauty and stability of your garden regardless the season. Whether green, red or gray, this Switch Grass provides a peaceful, comforting feel you will treasure.

You will enjoy 'Apache Rose' not just during the spring and summer, but during the coldest, most barren days of the year. The dense, upright, columnar habit offers natural hues as well, varying with the season. In fall, rosy-red flower panicles develop as a similar hue finds the tips of grey-green leaves.Reaching up to 4 feet in height, 'Apache Rose' serenades you with the tranquil swishing sound Switch

Grasses are known for making in windy conditions. The grass has proven effectiveness as a specimen, in masses, screening, near pools and bodies of water, and in containers. Whatever the weather, 'Apache Rose' stands tall against the elements, providing color, strength and stability.

Adaptable to several types of climates, 'Apache Rose' thrives in full sun. Though known more for its durability in cold conditions, this Red Switch Grass also tolerates sweltering heat and humidity. And when the wind blows in the fall, the subtle red tones swaying in the breeze and the soothing whistle that accompanies it creates a splendor all its own.