Belle de Nancy Lilac

Belle de Nancy Lilac

Syringa vulgaris Belle de Nancy

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This deciduous shrub does well with the ladies! Delicate and feminine, 'Belle de Nancy' produces huge panicles of double mauve, pink flowers that are popular in vases and other flower arrangements. It is also an outstanding choice for general garden use, mass planting and hedges.

The French lilac blooms in late spring to early summer at the tips of branches, enticing birds, bees and butterflies. Introduced in 1891, it remains a favorite choice for spring color. Foliage, including heart-shaped leaves, remains green with a blue tint throughout the season.

Suitable for planting under power lines, 'Belle de Nancy' typically lives about 30 years. Tolerant of urban pollution, it grows well in urban environments. It adapts well to dry and moist locations.

'Belle de Nancy' grows best with supplemental water during dry spells. Lilacs should be pruned immediately after their display to aid the next year's buds, which are set soon after blooming. Zones 3 to 9.