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Bird Trellis in Iron

Bird Trellis in Iron

Powdercoated Steel
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Bid farewell to bulky, short-lived wooden trellises with this lovely (and very durable) welded steel design. Built to sink deep enough into the soil to stand up firmly without support, this versatile trellis can also be placed against a wall or even sunk into the soil of a deep trough-style planter. There is no better nor more beautiful way to show off climbing vines than to see the foliage and flowers among these handsome "bare branches" and charming metal songbirds!

The Bird Trellis in Iron stands 6 feet tall and 2 feet wide, but is only half an inch deep, so it can be placed nearly flat against any wall or fence if needed. It has long, very sturdy base spikes that sink into the soil, holding the trellis upright and freestanding even in strong winds or beneath the pressure of heavy vining plants.

One of the nicest aspects of this design is the asymmetry of the branches and the placement of the metal songbirds. This gives the trellis a natural look that shows off foliage and flowers to best advantage. Whether it's a Clematis, a few sweet peas, a chocolate flower or even a trumpet vine, you can display its full glory with this handsome trellis.

And the Bird Trellis in Iron can also be combined with others to create a screen or three-dimensional grouping. It's so sturdy -- the welded steel will last for a long, long time, and the powder-coated epoxy finish helps it resist rust, season after season. You can trust it even with heavier vines.

The trellis arrives in two pieces and fits together instantly. To set up as a freestanding trellis, just push the ground spikes into the soil. It also works with planters that are more than 2 feet wide and reasonably deep. Enjoy finding new ways to display your plants the vertical way on the patio and deck, in the foundation, and in the back of your beds and borders! 24" W x 72" H x ½" D.