Compost Crock Replacement Filters (set of 2)

Compost Crock Replacement Filters (set of 2)

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Keep your countertop compost pail odor-free with these replacement filters, which fit any standard model and last for up to 6 months.

Flexible and lightweight, these charcoal filters pop into the lid of your compost pail and can be rinsed to remove stuck-on debris. About 5½ inches in diameter, they do a great job of keeping odor at bay, so you won't have to empty the composter until it's full.

This set of two filters will last you about a year under normal wear and tear. They will keep you using your compost pail for all the shells, peels, cores, coffee and tea grounds, and other biodegradables that help build better garden soil. Order today, BEFORE you run out! Set of 2 filters.