Coreopsis Lady Bird

Coreopsis 'Lady Bird'

Coreopsis 'Lady Bird'

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'Lady Bird' welcomes summer with flare and bright red blooms that are something to see. This flower has a unique look - each of its brilliant petals are blood orange with tips that are flecked with yellow. Those dramatic colors don't stop at its petals but even extend to its stamen which also bear yellow and crimson tones. Overall, this Coreopsis is many things, but ignorable isn't one of them!

Growing only about 10 inches high, this compact plant packs a lot of showiness into a little package. Its luminous green foliage acts as a perfect accent to its color-packed blooms. With all of its many talents it's no wonder butterflies love 'Lady Bird' so much!

Tolerant of a wide range of environments and resistant to downy and powdery mildew, this lovely plant is more than capable of caring for itself, making your life a little easier. Full sunlight and well-drained soil are the keys to this flower's happiness, and once those those things are provided you can expect it to perform fantastically in borders, mixed beds, containers and mass planting. Add this blazing darling to your cutting garden today! Zone: 5 - 10