Creeping Mazus

Creeping Mazus

Mazus reptans

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Most of us have areas of the garden that receive so much foot traffic we have abandoned hope of growing plants there, and content ourselves with pebbles or mulch or even exposed soil. Well, Creeping Mazus is out to change that!

This very low-growing perennial forms a dense, tough mat of tiny foliage spreading up to a foot wide but reaching only an inch or two high. It spreads by roots in moist to damp or even wet soils, thriving in full sun to light shade and remaining evergreen in climates where winters are mild. Set it between paving-stones and it will meander along, filling in the space; use it in a larger area and you only need space it about 10 inches apart for a dense mat that you can walk on!

In late spring, tiny two-lipped purple blooms dot this groundcover, but like everything about Creeping Mazus, they are on a small scale. They remain for weeks, however, adding a nice haze of blue to the garden floor!

Plant out even heavily-trafficked garden areas with this useful, beautiful little prostrate perennial! Zones 5-9.