Crystal Pink Stonecrop

Crystal Pink Stonecrop

Sedum spectabile 'Crystal Pink' PP#22,094

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Tiny, star-shaped flowers arise by the hundreds on this succulent plant. The giant flowerheads are held on short, sturdy stems that don't flop under the pressure. Each stem is completely covered in beautifully bright succulent foliage complements the shades of pink in the flowers wonderfully.

This succulent is extremely tolerant of drought, so it's perfect for the dry, sunny areas in your garden! Like most succulents,this sun-lover only need occasional watering once it is established. To establish this easy-care plant in your garden, follow a regular watering schedule during the first year. Then, it's smooth sailing from then on out with Crystal Pink!

Once the blooms and foliage have faded in late fall, the dead seedheads are ornamental, and keep the birds very interested! Bring a splash of icy color to your garden today!