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Tulip Double Dazzle Mix

Tulip Double Dazzle Mix


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The crimson petal and the white combine perfectly in this bowl-you-over blend of peony-flowered double tulips! For long-lasting color that simply looks too good to be true, rely on Double Dazzle Blend!

There are two varieties in this mix: scarlet Antraciet and white Mount Tacoma. Both bloom at the same time (at the end of tulip season, in mid to late spring, depending on your location) and reach the same size. Antraciet is one of the most intensely colored tulips yet, its petals saturated with deep red to magenta tones. Mount Tacoma is a beloved heirloom, originating sometime before the mid-1920s and never out of bloom since!

In this collection you receive 10 Antraciet bulbs and 5 Mount Tacomas. Therefore, the mix will be a sea of rich red with pops of snow! A glorious combination, and just the right proportion of color and contrast.

These vigorous, sturdy Double Late tulips reach about 16 to 18 inches high, and should be spaced 8 to 10 inches apart for dense coverage. They love sun, and appreciate a good deep planting, especially at the warmer end of their hardiness range. Cold stimulates the blooms.

Plant Double Dazzle Blend in the border, bed, along the driveway, in a meadow, and on street islands. You'll be delighted with its play of soft spring color! Zones 3-8.