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Durable Green Trug

Durable Green Trug

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How much of our gardening time is spent lugging things to and fro? It's not something we like to think about, but once we start using a tool such as the Durable Green Trug, we suddenly realize how much easier and quicker our garden chores can be with the right helper!

This polypropylene basket includes an 11-inch handle, so you can pop it over your arm and keep your hands free to pick berries, trim roses, lay down mulch, or tie dahlias to stakes. Whatever you are doing in the garden today, this trug wants to carry all your equipment for you!

Great for harvesting vegetables, herbs, cut-flowers, and fruit, the Durable Green Trug is also a help at weeding time. You won't risk scattering weed seeds in the border when the stems are securely placed in this basket!

The Durable Green Trug is 21 inches long and nearly 12 inches wide, with a depth of 5 inches. You will love its convenient size, light weight, and sturdy performance. Make it a regular on your garden rounds!