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Elephant Ear Plant Food (1-lb. bag)

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Great for Begonia, Hosta, and Canna, too!
Help your Elephant Ears, Hostas, Begonias, Cannas, and more to reach their biggest size and healthiest performance ever with this Elephant Ear Plant Food! A water-soluble formula with an NPK ratio of 11-50-11, this fertilizer maximizes foliage growth and strength through high levels of phosphorus. It will take your foliage plants from modest to gargantuan!

Longer leaves and stronger stems are produced by plants fed with Elephant Ear Plant Food, making it ideal for all foliage plants, especially exotics and tropicals. The high levels of phosphorous concentrate growth in the foliage area rather than in blooms or fruiting. An Elephant Ear that might reach 4½ feet tall with no fertilizer can shoot up to 7 feet with our concentrate!

Simply mix this granular feed with water (scoop included for easy measuring) and apply to the soil around your plant. You'll see results within weeks! Simple and effective, safe for your plants, and very economical, this is the foliage boost your favorite Elephant Ears, Hostas, Begonias, and more have been waiting for! One-pound bag.

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