Ella Black Wall Pot

Ella Black Wall Pot

Ella Black Wall Pot Black
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Sleek and stylish, this planter is perfect for housing beautiful combinations, succulents, herbs, and just about any of your favorite plants! It can be easily mounted on the wall, or sits on any surface. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, hang a few of these planters in a row for a truly magical design element!

Made of durable resin, you won't have to worry about this planter crumbling under tough weather, and it will hold up to just about any mistreatment. The Ella Black Wall Pot is wide enough to hold plenty of plants and deep enough to allow for proper root development. And the WaterMinder™ reservoir at the base of the pot ensures just the right amount of water. The roots will be able to wick up water and hydrate, but the drainage holes will make sure the plants aren't over-watered. Under the reservoir, there is a plug that will keep all of the water from spilling out if you choose to use this pot indoors. Or you can remove the plug if desired. This is the most simple and efficient pot we have yet to use!