Tulip Windflower Fairy Tale Blend

Tulip Windflower Fairy Tale Blend

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This mixture of windflowers and tulips provides a 'Fairy Tale' dreamland of purple, blue and yellow where you can let your hair down like Repunzel, and rest as peacefully as Snow White and Sleeping Beauty!

The petite, but radiant blues of the Grecian 'Blue Shades' windflowers are excellent underplanting for the showy tulips. The daisy-shaped windflowers with their flower heads, as large as 2 inches in diameter, add another dash of yellow to a colorful, low-maintenance combination.

The suspended, bell-shaped blooms of the 'Michael's Flower' tulips, reddish-purple with yellow edges, loom over the windflowers as if shining light on the entire display. The tulips, native to Turkey, develop flowers that grow to 1 ¼ inches and add distinctive color and form to the pairing.

An Award of Golden Merit recipient, 'Blue Shades' grows from 4 to 6 inches in height, preferring sun and partial shade. The windflowers makes its best impression in groups of at least 20. 'Michael's Flower' thrives in similar conditions with each stem carrying up to 5 blossoms, growing up to 1 foot off the surface. Like 'Blue Shades,' the tulip performs best when planted in groups.

The blooms of the windflowers and tulips, with their deep blues and purples with yellow accents, form a spectacular color combination of complementary spring flowers.