Fruit Coop - Birdhouses for Wrens

Fruit Coop - Birdhouses for Wrens

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When it's time for your backyard songbirds to find a cozy little home in which to lay their eggs, the Fruit Coop is going to be their dream come true! This American-made cypress birdhouse is secure, well-drained, and perfectly designed with the needs of nesting birds -- particularly wrens and chickadees -- in mind. Set it up now and wait for the new residents to fly right in!

A handsome design with a cypress shake roof and a pleasantly weathered frame, the Fruit Coop is just the right size for songbirds. The round 1½-inch entrance is just right to admit the birds but keep out other creatures, and the interior is snug and dry, with drainage so that even excessive rain doesn't cause things to get too damp. A copper panel on the back of the house even opens from the outside for cleaning after the eggs are hatched and the youngsters out of the nest.

And with this house, you get everything you need to mount it securely onto a post, tree trunk, wall, or other support. The back of the house is flat for easier mounting. Find a secure place for it, and this birdhouse will play host to feathered families for many years to come!

Made in the USA, the Fruit Coop measures 11 inches high to the tip of the steeply sloped roof. It is 6 inches wide and 5½ inches deep. Add it to your garden landscape this season, and listen for little peeps coming from inside it next spring!