Gardenia in Ceramic

Gardenia in Ceramic

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Available to begin shipping on Nov 27, 2017.
All the world loves a gardenia and now you can give the gift of living beauty to your loved ones in a convenient container! This shrub produces charming creamy white blooms that release a strong, sweet fragrance you and yours are sure to love. The pot is made of ceramic and has a unique yet modern pattern that suits virtually any decor. During the holiday season it can serve as a decorative centerpiece and later on it can be removed from its container and placed in your garden where it will continue to grow and beautify your landscape for years to come! As it matures, this gardenia bush can become a handsome hedge, natural screen and even a ground cover. It is quite sturdy and tolerant of humidity and thrives in full sunlight to partial shade. No matter how you choose to use it, this sleek, modern twist to a classic garden favorite is sure to impress!