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Graphic Design Planters

Graphic Design Planters

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Add a distinctive note to the home, deck, or garden with this set of 3 graduated metal flowerpots. Sized to fit standard nursery pots in 3 sizes, they are ideal for just about any annual, perennial, or bulb. And their classic look will never go out of style!

Featuring rimmed saucers to catch water and drainage holes to prevent overwatering, these planters are the ideal home for your favorite plants. They can go indoors or out, and their sturdy metal construction means that they are virtually unbreakable! You will love how the honeycomb facets catch and reflect the light, adding gleams of brightness to garden or deck.

And these planters are conveniently sized to fit nursery pots, in case you want to simply pop your plants into the containers in their original pots. The largest is 10¼ inches high with a 10-inch diameter; the middle is 8¼ inches high with an 8-inch diameter; and the smallest is 6¼ inches high with a 6-inch diameter.

Start seeds, grow on seedlings, and show off mature plants in these versatile planters! They will look good season after season -- in fact, as they age, their gunmetal patina will show lovely variations. Once you see how well they coordinate with your indoor or outdoor decor, you will wish you had a dozen more of these planters!

Easy to clean and stack at season's end, these planters will quickly become your "go to" favorites for displaying special garden plants. Great for Amaryllis at Christmas, too! Set of 3 (one of each size).