Guernsey Cream Clematis

Guernsey Cream Clematis

Clematis 'Guernsey Cream'

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A yellow Clematis is a rare enough thing, but Guernsey Cream raises the stakes still further by sporting enormous blooms in great numbers . . . and frequently repeating late in the season! This magnificent climber is just what you need to pair with your climbing rose, thread through open-habit shrubs, twine up a trellis, or meander along a fence.

Guernsey Cream begins its show in late spring in most climates, opening huge, soft primrose-yellow blooms fully 5 to 6 inches wide all over its compact habit. The flowers are rounded, with overlapping petals, each marked with a pale chartreuse bar down the center.

As the blooms mature, they lighten, passing from yellow to cream to nearly white, with the slightly darker bar becoming more prominent. And when they pass, they are followed by large, showy silver seedheads, perfect for everlastings in the vase!

Usually the first flush of bloom is past by midsummer, but often a repeat performance occurs in late summer or early fall. These blooms may be a bit smaller and less numerous, but they are so welcome at that dull time of year in the garden, when the summer bloomers have passed their glory and the fall color hasn't yet arrived!

Guernsey Cream reaches just 6 to 8 feet long, a good size for patio containers as well as the garden. For best flower color, it prefers a bit of afternoon shade in all but the most northerly climates. Otherwise, culture it as you would any other large-flowered Clematis: sunshine, water, and a good deep mulch to keep the roots cool.

Clematis attracts hummingbirds and is generally left alone by rabbits and deer. A climber, it takes a year or two to find its feet, but once established, it is very long-lived in your garden. Guernsey Cream is a Group II Clematis for pruning purposes. Zones 4-8.