Haas Halo Hydrangea

'Haas Halo' Hydrangea

Hydrangea aborescens 'Haas Halo' PP#24,783

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Plant Patent#24,783.

You know you're looking at a heavenly hydrangea when it is crowned in a halo! Strong, erect stems hold the huge white blooms high above the foliage, proudly displaying their 14-inch lacecaps. This also places the blooms at the perfect height to get a good look and watch the pollinators dance across their petals.

This stunning new selection of H. aborescens was introduced by Horticulture Professor Frederick H. Ray, who selected the plant from a group of seedlings given to him by Joan Haas. The upright stems, huge lacecaps, and glossy blue-green foliage made it immediately stand out from all the rest. Discovered in 2008, this sterile native sets an impressive 50 florets on each of its oversized blooms.

The size and splendor of the leaves and blooms are all the more unexpected considering the compact habit of the shrub, which stays reliably under 5 feet tall. This smooth hydrangea handles heat, humidity, and drought all wonderfully, making it an exceptional beauty or he summer garden, even in the landscape or wooded border where the hose rarely reaches. If you can't water it is as often, cite it somewhere with afternoon shade. It is also a great choice for the border, specimen, or foundation planting, and its magnificent blooms make for excellent dried flowers. They naturally dry right on the plant, persisting for up to six months!

This native is easy to grow in any loose, moist soil. Cite it below tall trees or on the north side of the house, and prepare to be wowed by its incredible proportions. 'Haas' Halo' will blow you away with its bloom show! Zones 3 to 9.