Kardinal ™ Kolorscape ® Rose

Kardinal ™ Kolorscape ® Rose

Rosa 'KORsixkono' PP#23,548

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Enjoy a long season of ravishing red blooms with none of the usual maintenance! Kolorscape® roses are not only thoroughly disease-resistant and trouble-free, but they are also self-cleaning, which means the blooms keep coming all season without any need for deadheading!

Kardinal ™ Kolorscape ® is the richest red in the series, with a color just as bright and bold as the breast of a male cardinal! These single blooms open to 2¾ inches wide, revealing velvety petals and showy golden stamens. They arise in great profusion in waves that march undaunted through the heat of summer and continue into the fall all the way up until hard frost! The carefree and unstoppable parade of color is a welcome addition to rose borders, flowering hedge rows, and just about any other sunny garden spot! Zones 4 to 9.