Poco Red Red Hot Poker

Poco Red Red Hot Poker

Kniphofia 'Poco Red'

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Blooming from mid-summer into October, 'Poco Red' Dwarf Red-Hot Poker lights up its environment with its bright, coral-red flowers growing no more than 20 inches high! Hummingbirds and other pollinators flock to the nectar-filled blooms, providing an array of activity in small gardens and at the front or borders.

The rich red color also commands praise as a specimen, an accent or in containers, its long blooming time bridging a common gap between blooms and the onset of changes to fall foliage colors. Fast to grow, 'Poco Red' begins blooming in July. Similar in color and form to 'Red Hot Popsicle', it is shorter with a longer blooming time.

Thriving in full sun, 'Poco Red' appreciates regular watering, but is drought resistant and requires only average soil and little care. Deer and wildlife resistant, it is also popular as a cutflower and as a companion to bright-colored Salvias. It lights up landscape and makes stunning groundcover.