Real Glory Shasta Daisy

Real Glory Shasta Daisy

Leucanthemum superbum 'Real Glory' PPAF

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With pearly white petals surrounding a center of fluffy gold stamen, this shasta daisy is truly glorious! With looks like that, you'll want to plant Real Glory everywhere. Thankfully this shasta is so versatile it will gladly grow in whatever container, bed or border you tuck it in! And of course no summery cut flower arrangement is complete without the presence of this dazzling daisy which can last over two full weeks in a vase.

The sheer white of its reflexed petals amplifies the many other colors of the garden and makes for a perfect canvas for the vivid butterflies which are drawn to its luminous centers. Boasting a much longer bloom time than many shastas, Real Glory starts in last spring and can bloom straight into autumn with proper deadheading.

Real Glory is reasonably healthy and has an improved resistance to diseases. Full sun is its favorite but partial sunlight will do in a pinch, and rich, well-drained soil is your best bet for healthy growth. Deer don't care for it and its lengthy lifespan means you can expect to be blessed by its presence for many, many seasons! Zones 5 to 9.