Magical® Flame Hydrangea

Magical® Flame Hydrangea

Hydrangea paniculata Magical® Flame PP#21,292. cv. 'Bokratorch'

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Plant Patent #21,292. Cultivar Name: 'Bokratorch'.

Compact, versatile, reliable, and quick to bloom, Magical® Flame is the perfect way to "light the torch" for the beginning of hydrangea season!

Growing only 3 to 4 feet high, this H. paniculata is remarkable for the very bright, hot pink tone that its blooms take on in fall, which really stands out amongst all the standard white and soft pink tones of the Hydrangea garden. The flowers might look delicate, but they are some of the most cold-hardy of any hydrangea, starting earlier in the spring and continuing later through fall. These colorful flowers arise on cone-shaped bloom wands.

And because it is a paniculata, Magical® Flame blooms reliably regardless of climate or pruning! Never again will you have to be that person on the message boards asking why your hydrangea won't bloom! Plant Magical® Flame in a moist but well-drained apt in full sun or light shade. This variety is so compact that it needs little pruning. This low maintenance wonder will thrive even in cold climates, and is a great way to add hot pink tones to the late-season garden just when it is needed most! Zones 4 to 9.