Nectarosco siculum ssp bulgaricum

Nectarosco siculum ssp bulgaricum

Nectaroscordum siculum ssp. Bulgaricum

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Like most of the Allium family, this brand new cultivar boast scores of tiny flowers clustered at the peak of slender stems. Unlike most Allium, this one sports blooms that tend to gently droop for an even more unique effect! Rich raspberry pink paints the inside of each of these cream to green florets, which flow like an artful fountain from the peak of its stem. Its handsome green stems are perfect for cutting so don't let your vases go without this stunner! Because the blooms begin in late spring this variety makes a great bridge plant between seasons so you will never want for color! This cultivar prefers full sun and tops out at 4 feet tall. Grows best in zones 4-8.