One-Touch Rain Wand (Blue)

One-Touch Rain Wand (Blue)

One-Touch Rain Wand (Blue) Blue
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Your garden chores just got a whole lot easier! This One-Touch Rain Wand is perfect for watering all of your plants, and it's so easy. The long wand allows you to reach all of your plants without leaning over or potentially damaging others. It's made of durable aluminum that will last a lifetime, yet it's super light-weight, so you'll be able to carry it from one end of the garden to the other with ease!

The best part? The ergonomic handle and the easy, one-touch on/off switch. You don't have to hold a trigger the entire time you're watering your plants anymore! And it's made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee, so you know it's worth the investment! Make your gardening chores easier today!