Onyx Flamingo Hydrangea

Onyx Flamingo Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla Onyx™ Flamingo PPAF

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Not only are the pale pink blooms beautiful on this compact mophead, the stems they sit on are as well! Ebony black and gleaming, these strong stems contrast beautifully with the petal-pink flowers. And if you turn a bloom upside down, you will see bright red petioles, completing the color show!

Flamingo is part of the Onyx™ series, compact and very disease resistant in addition to sporting dark green foliage and black flowering stems. It's a great choice for any climate, because it blooms on the current year's growth, so late frosts are no problem -- another crop of buds will follow the first! In warm climates, this means wave after wave of blooms. Magnificent!

Just 3 to 4 feet high and wide, Flamingo is a good size for the foundation, a specimen, or a low hedge. It also plays well with others in the shade border. Very easy to grow, all it asks is consistently moist soil and a touch of shade. This lovely Bigleaf Hydrangea will do the rest! Zones 6 to 9.