Wayside's Guarantee

Wayside's Guarantee

Plant Products. We guarantee all Wayside Gardens plant products to be high quality, true to type, shipped properly, and to perform as advertised. If your plant has received our recommended care and doesn't perform to your satisfaction, notify us and we will replace it free of charge or provide the cost of the product as credit toward a future purchase.

If any product was damaged in shipping, please contact us immediately.

To ensure that each living product has adequate opportunity to perform, we've established the following guidelines for reporting other problems:

  • Roses, bulbs, perennials, trees, and shrubs:
    - For plants received in Spring, contact us by June 30th of the year received
    - For plants received in Fall, contact us by June 30th of the year after receipt
Please understand that we cannot accept responsibility for the results of extreme weather, neglect, unforeseeable acts of nature, or ignoring our hardiness zone recommendation.

Non-Plant Products. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed with every product. If your non-plant product fails to function as advertised, please follow the guidelines below and we will furnish a replacement or merchandise credit:

  • Living Gifts: contact us within 30 days of receipt
  • Tools and gardening accessories: within 90 days, please contact Wayside Gardens Returns Department toll free at 1-800-845-1124 (or for local calls use 1-864-330-2004) for RMA.

Charge cards are billed at time of shipment. Receipt of your check authorizes Wayside Gardens to process an ACH debit entry to your account for the amount of your check. The transaction will appear on your bank statement. If we cannot post the transaction electronically, you authorize us to present an image copy of your check for payment. Hard goods ship promptly. Live plants are shipped at the proper planting time for your region. Please see our website for the current shipping schedule.

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