Spath,Kalanchoe, Syngonium Mix in White container

Spath,Kalanchoe, Syngonium Mix in White container

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They say the best things come in threes and that is certainly true for this verdant trio! This blend consists of a Peace Lily, Kalanchoe, and Arrowhead plant and each has a role to play in enhancing the beauty of the arrangement. The Peace lily is a classic houseplant that is easily grown in low light and flourishes with very little fuss. It produces tall "flowers" which beautify the home while its foliage purifies the air around it. Kalanchoe is an adorable succulent plant which produces flowers and adds some spice to the mix with its unusual foliage and flowers. Finally, the Arrowhead plant adds its heart-shaped foliage to the mix to complete the perfect image of harmony in the display. All three plants are very low maintenance and perfect for displaying indoors. If you want to give a gift that your loved ones can cherish for a long time, choose this excellent gift plant!