Phlox Paniculata Cleopatra

Phlox Paniculata Cleopatra

Phlox paniculata Cleopatra

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Just as its namesake ruled the Nile, this 'Cleopatra' will reign supreme in your garden from summer until fall. This extravagant perennial dresses itself in clusters of sweetly fragrant star-shaped flowers that butterflies and hummingbirds find irresistible. Those rosy bloom heads which are ideal for arrangements look even more stunning accompanied by its verdant foliage. Phlox is popular not just for its beauty but for its durability as well. This variety is generally disease free, tolerates dry soil and isn't harassed by deer or slugs. Cleopatra prefers morning sun and afternoon shade, though it does have a good tolerance for full sun. Z:4-9 H:24" W:18-24