Decadence® Pink Truffles Baptisia

Decadence® 'Pink Truffles' Baptisia

Baptisia Decadence 'Pink Truffles' PPAF

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Though short in stature, a new pink Baptisia stands tall in color and beauty! Featuring soft pink blossoms with a pale yellow keel, 'Pink Truffles' reinvigorates gardens with its late-spring display made to fit in tight spaces!

The vibrant color of 'Pink Truffles' blooms fits into many environments and various uses, including meadow plantings, borders and beds. It also shines as a specimen after early spring bloomers have finished. The plant is hardy and long-lived once established, which takes a few seasons at most. Like other Baptisia, it prefers full sun, but tolerates some shade.

An addition to the popular Decadence ® series, Slow-to-grow 'Pink Truffles' thrives with little maintenance in a several roles in various climates. Topping out at 3 feet with a spread of similar measurement, it can get by on average or poor quality soil and below-average water.

An ideal complement for Bleeding Hearts, Peonies and other spring bloomers, the slow-growing 'Pink Ruffles' also displays colorful seed heads following the blooms and attracts butterflies.

The latest product of 14 years of research, 'Pink Ruffles' offers the large, dazzling blooms in a smaller habit than other Baptisia! Resistant to deer, 'Pink Truffles' is a great fit for gardens losing specimens and other crowd pleasers in mid-spring.