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Quick-Clean® Tubular Feeder

Quick-Clean® Tubular Feeder

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Feed your feathered friends in style with this easy-to-clean, durably constructed feeder. The red metallic base and cap are heavy die-cast metal, while the tube and perch are durable polycarbonate. The signature feature of this feeder, though, is the fact that you can slide the base out in a snap, making cleaning it exceptionally quick and easy. This feature is very handy when using oil-rich seed mixes like Nyjer Thistle Seed that should be frequently replaced.

To remove the base, all you have to do is push the buttons and it will slide easily out, even if a seed tray is attached! The heavy-duty die cast metal construction keeps the feeder looking its best through years of wear and tear, while the clear polycarbonate tube and perches are UV-stabilized to ensure that they will stand the test of time. Aspects stands by this quality product with a lifetime guarantee.

Featuring 6 feeding stations and ports, this compact feeder still provides plenty of space for your birds to chow down! And the built-in seed deflector in the base keeps seeds from getting stuck in the bottom. This allows birds to get to every last bit. The perches are also more comfortable than metal rods, encouraging longer visits. Treat your local wildlife right with the Quick-Clean® Tubular Feeder! Dimensions: 3½ Inches Wide x 3½ Inches Deep x 12½ Inches High. Made in USA