Shake-Away Pest Repellent for Rodents

Shake-Away Pest Repellent for Rodents

28.5 ounces
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This pest repellent is effective at getting rid of rodents in your garden, without harming your plants or the environment! It's made of essential oils and dried blood, creating a scent that naturally keeps rodents away, but doesn't offend humans. It's actually a very light, herbal smell that is quite pleasant.

Apply Shake-Away by shaking the granules directly into rodents tunnels and holes in your garden. You can even place some of this repellent on a paper plate in your garage or basement to discourage rodents from entering. Apply twice a week for the first two weeks, and then just once a month. After the first few weeks, rodents will get the picture, forever associating your home with the scent of the repellent. The monthly application deters newcomers, so your rodent problem will evaporate into thin air!

Active ingredients: Dried Blood (5%), Spearmint Oil (1%), Peppermint Oil (1%), and Rosemary Oil (0.5%). Inactive ingredients: Limestone (90%), Hydrogenated Soybean oil (2.5%), and Crystalline Silica (inert) (less than 0.1%). One 28.5-ounce container of Shake-Away covers 600 linear feet or, for inside areas, 800 square feet. Completely non-toxic and safe to use around pets, children, and all plants.