Mariachi™ Siesta Helenium

Mariachi™ Siesta Helenium

Helenium Mariachi™ 'Siesta' PPAF

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This striking red coneflower offers blooms with a dash of blue resembling a late-afternoon sun — a great time to take a siesta — hence the name! With the ornate cone, a maroon-browning center surrounded by a brownish-yellow ring, 'Siesta' resembles a beautiful piece of Mexican jewelry!

The numerous red petals, sitting atop green foliage, provide an attractive, textured round shape. Growing to 20 inches in height, 'Siesta' works well as foundation plantings, specimens, borders, and mass plantings. It's also successful in commercial landscapes, small gardens and containers. The diminutive size makes it adaptable to several situations. The colors combine brilliantly with purple and other darker hues. The resilient, dark-green stems add to the Sneezeweed's beauty in a vase.

Compact with an outstanding branching habit and exceptional durability, 'Siesta' produces generous supplies of shaggy, deep, golden-yellow blooms around the distinctive centers. The fiery orange tints evoke a late summer afternoon atmosphere, the brilliant color symbolizing hot, desert sun. The vigorous coneflower maintains its high energy, blooming from early summer to early fall.

'Siesta' thrives with full sun and moist, well-drained soil. It is resistant to pests and disease. The two-toned appearance of the petals and cone, combine for a distinctive quality guaranteed to turn up the heat in any environment. The bountiful blooms attract a variety of butterflies to your garden. Growing up to 30 inches in height the second year, the Sneezeweed will remain between 18-20 inches if cut back in June each following year. Removal of spent flowers will make blooms last longer.