Silver Dollar Hydrangea

'Silver Dollar' Hydrangea

Hydrangea paniculata 'Silver Dollar'

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This small H. paniculata still sets huge bloom spikes on its flop-proof stems, all while standing up to weather wonderfully!

Similar to the popular 'Limelight', 'Silver Dollar' grows compact, with strong stems holding up dense trusses of rounded, lacy white blooms. The rounded panicle blooms are lacy, but still offer substantial florets that open from the base of the spike upward. The flower bracts open a pure white and mature to take on soft pink and lime times throughout the long season of beauty.

'Silver Dollar' won the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit in 2009, beating out 40 other paniculatas with its great performance. Despite its smaller stature, this compact selection of Peegee Hydrangea still sets an opulent bloom show, with numerous flower spikes that all grow four to five inches high and wide. This European paniculata was introduced by Pieter Zwijnenburg of the Netherlands.

Like other paniculata, 'Silver Dollar' exhibits an excellent climactic rangeit thrives in the heat of Georgia, yet is also fully hardy in zone 3 and also one of the last plants to drop its blooms in fall. All it needs to thrive is full sun to light shade, evenly moist soil, and an early spring pruning to keep it tidy. This versatile cultivar is sure to dazzle! Zones 3 to 8.