Spath in Tan Container

Spath in Tan Container

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Peace lilies hold a gentle majesty about them that we find ourselves inexorably drawn to. Whether its those iconic white flowers or large waxy leaves, these plants have a certain charm that cannot be ignored. The fact that it thrives in low light and cleanses the air around it means that it is perfectly suited to life indoors and makes an ideal gift for loved ones and close friends who need a little more greenery in their days. You can even modify the look of your plant by adjusting the amount of light it receives. In medium light you can expect more flowers, but in lower light the flowers are fewer and take a backseat to its ample and impressive foliage. Most aren't aware of how extremely drought tolerant Peace Lilies are and thus they tend to over-water them. Water lightly and sparingly and dust the broad leaves every now and then. The best thing about Peace lilies is that while they don't need much attention, they attract attention like magnets!