Spike Hydrangea

Spike Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Kolk25'

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'Spike' introduces a new look for Hydrangea petals: delightfully curved and ruffled, almost as though they had been crimped! You will love the spectacular effect on these big two-tone mopheads!

Just 3 feet high and wide, 'Spike' is ideal for containers as well as the garden, and it lacks nothing in flower power from its small stature. The blooms begin in late spring in some climates, repeating on new wood (the current season's growth) in summer and sometimes again in early fall. That means that no matter where you live or what the weather does, you will probably get one full bloom cycle, maybe two, and possibly even three!

Like most Hydrangea cultivars, 'Spike' offers pink blooms in alkaline (lime) soils and blue in acidic mixes. But these petals may also sport traces of lime green to chartreuse, their original color before they matured! The two-tone effect is really striking, especially on a fully blooming 'Spike,' where each flowerhead will be different!

This award-winning cultivar is just as easy as any other Hydrangea to grow, too. Give it well-drained soil that stays moist and gets a bit of shade every day. If necessary, prune the shrub after the final flowers -- but it's naturally symmetrical, so it probably won't need trimming. And remember to cut some of the amazing blooms for indoor arrangements! You'll love this versatile, container-sized, colorful mophead! Zones 5 to 9.