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Spiral Sunflower Feeder

Spiral Sunflower Feeder

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This innovative design enables the smallest backyard birds to find their own perch instead of competing for feeder space with larger, more aggressive species. The Spiral Sunflower Birdfeeder offers multiple ports and durable construction, all in a handsome tube format!

Made of recycled materials, this tube-style feeder is UV-stabilized and measures 18 inches long and 6¾ inches in diameter. The perch is a spiral wire wound around the feeder -- a design so innnovative, it's been patented! And the feeder easily hangs from any branch or hook, with tough, chew-resistant top and base.

This polycarbonate tube resists discoloring, cracking, and warping. And the Spiral Sunflower Feeder has more feeding ports than any other tube feeder we have seen! It is easy to refill and clean, because the base opens as well as the top, making the removal of old seed a snap! Everything about this feeder is fresh, innovative, and easy to use. Your backyard birds will thank you for hanging it!