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Stainless Steel Hand-held Daisy Grubber

Stainless Steel Hand-held Daisy Grubber

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Whether you're moving your delicate daisies or waging war against tenacious weeds, this nifty tool is excellent at handling both tasks with efficiency and grace. The Daisy Grubber is specifically designed to reach the taproot you're searching for without disturbing neighboring plants. It is streamlined so that you get deeper holes, not wider ones, so that you can pierce the layers of soil with ease. Sometimes weeds are just plants that inserted themselves in the wrong area. For these types of volunteer plants this tool allows you to safely remove the surprise guest without harming it. The polished steel tip protrudes from its ergonomically contoured handle which is made of FSC certified oak and is even fitted with a durable leather strap for easy storage. 1 lb.