Striped Sunflower Seed

Striped Sunflower Seed

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The same sunflower seeds we love, so why wouldn't the birds love them too? Of course, these seeds don't have all of the additives that the seeds we eat do, so they're safe and all natural for your feathered friends.

Striped sunflower seeds are also much more difficult to open than the traditional black oil seeds found in most bird feeders, so they're ideal for larger birds like Cardinals, Woodpeckers, and Jays. Keep these striped sunflower seeds in one feeder to isolate the larger birds to one area, and your smaller songbirds will stick to the other feeders!

Packed with protein, these seeds are perfect for the high-energy lives of birds, keeping them healthy and well-fed. They will thank you for this nutritious snack all year round, but especially during the sparse winter months.