Succulent Gift in Magnetic Wine Cork - Set of 3

Succulent Gift in Magnetic Wine Cork - Set of 3

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Cork is the perfect material for using as a planter. The porous structure makes it very breathable and also naturally lightweight and easy to move around. Unlike other natural materials, cork can stay moist for a long time without rotting. It is no surprise that people have started upcycling wine corks into perfectly petite little planters!

This trio of wine cork planters features three gorgeous, hand-picked succulent plants. Succulents offer colorful, exotic foliage all year long, and also happen to be uniquely suited to growing in a wine cork! These succulent cuttings are glued into the corks. Their waxy water-storing skin keeps them healthy and happy for months anywhere you place them. Let this trio add some whimsical living beauty to your refrigerator (or any other metal surface) this season! Dimensions: 2¾" High x 1" Wide. Set of 3.