Tomato and Pepper Tree

Tomato and Pepper Tree

Item # 38773
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An all-in-one planter and trellis that lets you grow peppers and tomatoes right on the patio! This self-watering container has everything you need to send vining plants up to the sky, supporting them (and their crops!) beautifully!

Three levels of concentric rings offer great support to growing plants -- just add them as the vine grows upward! Even heavy-bearing tomatoes and eggplants can be supported easily with this durable, attractive container.

A deep, square planter with a reservoir in the base, the Tomato and Pepper Tree makes it easy to feed and water all season. The water wicks up as the plant needs it, making it impossible to over- or under-water, and keeping your plant hydrated even during the dog days of high summer!

The support disks are removable, so you only need add them as the plant grows large enough. So versatile and easy to use, this planter-trellis combo eliminates the need for clumsy cages and spirals.

The Tomato and Pepper Tree is easy to break down, clean, and store for next season. It measures 11 inches high and wide, and 8 inches in diameter, with another 2 feet of height as the risers are added. You will love how convenient and effective it is!