Tomato Barrel

Tomato Barrel

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Growing veggies in containers is the perfect solution for a small area. And not only does it save space, but it can turn vegetable plants into an accent piece on your patio or porch.

But it's not all fun and games when it comes to growing your veggies in containers. Sometimes they get unruly and the standard stakes and flimsy supports can't keep them tidy and upright. So, that's why the Tomato Barrel is exactly what you need for your tomato plants this year! It literally grows with your plants. The trellis is expandable, so you can make it taller as your plant grows.

And the container is self-watering! You can add all the food and water to the reservoir in the bottom of the pot, and the roots will lick up the perfect amount gradually. Talk about an easy all-in-one system!