ToTilly Floating Air Plant

ToTilly Floating Air Plant

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Why buy prints of plant artwork when you can showcase a real, living plant!? This enchanting design suspends a single Tillandsia (air plant)in a stark spiderweb of twine, creating a look that is reminiscent of the natural world and yet strikingly evocative. This piece is a surefire conversation-starter and also the perfect gift for anyone with a refined sense of taste.

Air plants are remarkable for their ability to pull all the moisture and nutrients they need from the air. This incredible adaptation makes them excellent houseplants-just spray their spidery foliage with a mist of water about once a week and they will thrive! The clump of wispy foliage is incredible for its nutrient-absorbing power, but also for how good it looks suspended on wires! Makeover any wall instantly with this low-maintenance living work of art! Dimensions: 8 Inches High x 8 Inches Wide.