Scarlet Foliage on a True Survivor
35314.jpgTouchdown Teak SedumTouchdown Teak Sedum
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Touchdown Teak Sedum

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Sedum Touchdown Teak

The tough, waxy red foliage can thrive in even the most adverse conditions.
The 'Touchdown' varieties of Sedum were bred to have a vigorous multi-crown habit, making them ideal for growing in containers. 'Touchdown Teak' has arguably the most breathtaking foliage in the series, with vibrant red-brown to purple-brown coloring and thick glossy coating, giving a shining, silver-to-bronze appearance to the leaves. These waxy, slightly scalloped leaves keep their unique leaf color all season. If you're looking for a super-easy perennial that tolerates drought, heat, poor soil, humidity, and cold -- while still producing beautiful red foliage season after season -- 'Touchdown Teak' is the one you want!

Bright crimson flowers come on in midsummer, towering 9 inches over the low bush. As summer turns to fall, the color changes to a mellow (yet vibrant!) coppery-orange, and it remains on the plant well into winter, holding the snow in nice little sculptures for you. Of course, before the seasons change, butterflies, bees, and birds all take turns feasting on these blooms. And if you'd rather enjoy the winter color indoors, cut the blossoms while they're fresh, hang them upside down until they dry, and enjoy red Everlastings for months!

'Touchdown Teak' grows just 8 inches high and quickly spreads to form a carpet 16 inches wide, ideal for the container, and just as well-suited for the center of the perennial border, edging the driveway, or cutting a ribbon of color through the shrub planting! The habit is tight and compact, with multiple crowns peeking out right at ground level. This scarlet beauty could be the foundation for your entire rock garden!

Talk about eye-catching -- even a small planting will catch your attention from across the garden, and a mass display is simply showstopping. Such terrific impact from an easy-to-grow, very low-maintenance perennial!

Sedum is famous for its ability to put up with just about anything in the garden, and 'Touchdown Teak' is no exception. Give it full sunshine and reasonably good soil drainage, and it will do the rest! Be sure to pamper it the first year with plenty of food and water, getting its root system established. Then let it go and watch it flourish! Very tolerant of all kinds of conditions once established, this naturally-healthy plant does not need the help of any chemicals.

Traditional companions include Asclepias, Daylily, and more -- basically, anything with a similar tolerance to hot, dry/humid weather, poor soil, and limited water!

Space plants about 18 inches apart for good bushy coverage. Zones 4 to 10.

Genus Sedum
Variety Touchdown Teak
Item Form 1-Quart
Zone 4 - 10
Bloom Season Mid Summer
Habit Mound-shaped
Plant Height 8 in
Plant Width 16 in
Bloom Size 4 in
Additional Characteristics Easy Care Plants, Flower, Succulents
Bloom Color Dark Magenta, Dark Red
Foliage Color Bronze, Brown, Red, Rose, Silver/Gray
Light Requirements Full Sun
Moisture Requirements Dry, Moist,  well-drained
Resistance Cold Hardy, Drought Tolerant, Heat Tolerant, Humidity Tolerant
Soil Tolerance Normal,  loamy, Poor
Uses Border, Containers, Fall Color, Foliage Interest, Foundation, Ground Cover, Ornamental, Outdoor
Restrictions Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Touchdown Teak SedumTouchdown Teak SedumTouchdown Teak Sedum

Tips for gardening in particularly hot, dry climates:

1. Water with a drip system whenever possible – soak the bed slowly and thoroughly to a depth of 10" to 12".

2. Watering deeply every 3 to 5 days is preferable to a shallow daily watering.

3. Water in the early morning, so foliage has time to dry.

4. Add a 2- to 3-inch layer of mulch or similar material to aid in water retention and help keep the roots cool during hot weather.