Valley Valentine Japanese Pieris

Valley Valentine Japanese Pieris

Pieris japonica 'Valley Valentine' PP#15452

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This intriguing evergreen shrub is a passionate love note to your winter garden, adding a beautiful blush to the stark landscape of early to mid-spring. With its red buds that burst into rushes of pink bells, it's no wonder this lovely plant takes its name from the most romantic holiday!

While Valley Valentine opens its pinkish-maroon blooms in spring, it is also charming us with new foliage of orange and gold. The leaves quickly green out, but that early-season display of brilliant color is unforgettable!

And Valley Valentine's charms last year round. It grows at a slow but steady pace, reaching 2 to 4 feet tall and 3 to 5 feet wide over a 10-year period. It sets its new flower buds for next spring in late summer, so if you need to prune it (an unlikely event; it stays naturally neat and bushy!), do so right after the flowers pass in spring to avoid removing next year's buds.

Valley Valentine stands up well to munching rabbits and deer, and remains evergreen in most climates, though it may die back a bit in summer in hotter areas. Give it protection from strong, drying winds, and don't be afraid to site it in deep shade in the southern and western end of its hardiness range.

Give Valley Valentine a prime position in the border, foundation, or accent planting. It loves rich, well drained soil, and will eagerly grow and bloom its best in a favorable environment. Zones 5-8.