Wee Stroll Iris

Wee Stroll Iris

Iris 'Wee Stroll'

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You may feel like you are in Ireland and you've just discovered a tiny pot of gold when you encounter 'Wee Stroll', a burgundy Iris featuring a violet chevron with a burgundy-black spot covering half of the petal! This standard dwarf bearded provides a merry little walk on the wild side for those adventurous enough to explore a new flavor in their floral display!

The dark burgundy flowers, are gently ruffled, appearing like wrinkled paper blooms with the distinctive black spot. The three sepals, which spread droop downward, expand from the narrow base, exposing the bronze-violet beard.

Growing from 6 to 18 inches in height, the perennial requires either full sun or partial shade. Extremely durable and versatile, 'Wee Stroll' can withstand harsh cold, but it much prefers exceptional heat. Often found in dry or colder mountainous areas, the Iris is also common to grassy slopes, meadowlands and riverbanks.

The midseason bloomer, introduced in 2000, striking in color, with beautiful, large blooms suitable for mass plantings and containers. The spectacular coloring of the flowers combined with the unique form, have made 'Wee Stroll' a popular choice for several situations.

This SDB was created from 'Blissed Out' and 'Nut Ruffles' with lineage including 'Terse Verse'. Excellent for groundcover, front borders and containers, 'Wee Stroll' can handle neutral, slightly acidic and slightly alkaline soils. The Iris requires average water, but overwatering is harmful to the plant. Parts of the plant are poisonous and must not be eaten by humans.