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Whitewater Speedwell

Whitewater Speedwell

Veronica 'Whitewater' PP# 22,783

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Wayside Gardens Signature Product
Plant Patent #22,783

The beautiful Veronica Whitewater Speedwell is a great choice when looking for a ground cover to wander through the twists and turns of other plants. It is wonderfully non-evasive and its blossoms are a pure white that will compliment any color in your garden. In the mild to warm climates, you will find the Whitewater Speedwell to be attractive year round. The normally dark green foliage will turn a striking rustic burgundy and rich bronze during the winter.

This spreading flowerer will reach widths up to 2 ½ feet and remaining only 4 to 6 inches above the ground. They are a hardy breed, resisting disease and pests while also being tolerant to cold, drought, heat and humidity. Its nonaggressive behavior make the Veronica Whitewater Speedwell a great addition to any patio container or flower garden. Zones 4-7.

Overall Rating: 5 Stars
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Wonderful ground cover!
Garden Fanatic! from CA wrote (September 14, 2017):
This has become one of my absolute favorite ground covers, quick spreading, stays nice and low. Beautiful flowers, nice foliage, I cannot think of one negative thing about it except I wish I would have ordered more! However, it was just enough time to give it a trial run and fall in love with it. I forsee getting much more of it and trying out the blue as well! You can't lose with this little beauty. Best done in large swaths for impact but do follow directions because it does spread quickly!