Wildfire Fancy-Leaved Caladium

Wildfire Fancy-Leaved Caladium

Caladium 'Wildfire'

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Simply phenomenal! The hot pink centers of these fancy leaves are so bright they seem to put off a neon glow, while the pure white veins look like they were painted on! The speckled green border completes the exotic look. 'Wildfire' makes an exceptional potted plant, adding a stunning pop of color that is sure to attract attention. Because of its vibrant and unique color pattern, it is an attention-getting specimen that works beautifully in mixed containers, beds, or landscapes, particularly ones with a tropical feel.

Caladiums are a gardener's best friend; they have no natural enemies and grow contentedly in any rich soil. The only thing you can really do wrong is to plant the bulbs too early in spring; they need really warm soil, so wait until the garden soil feels pleasantly warm when you sink your index finger into it. Set them "upside down" -- the knobby side up! -- and before you know it, long, furled tendrils will shoot up, each opening to reveal colorful, ruffled leaf! Terrific as a bedding plant in any shady spot, they also make splendid winter houseplants. We sell only fine Number 1 bulbs, large, healthy, and guaranteed to grow true to name.

De-eyeing will help keep this Caladium compact and dense, and is recommended for growing 'Wildfire' in smaller pots; you can skip this step if you are growing 'Wildfire' in a larger container or in the garden where it has some room to grow. Zones 8 to 10.